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SEO & Internet Marketing

Your website is fantastic, full of stunning images, great text and other rich media contents, PERFECT! or NO! What if no one gets to see it? Do you want it to be the first on the first pages of a search? Bountylab have search engine optimization specialists that combines marketing and technical expertise that turns searchers into customers. A Good SEO design is aimed at improving the volume and quality of visits to your website. At Bountylab, we have a specialized team that target specific industries, areas or types of search to ensure you have the best possible internet presence. Bountylab can integrate SEO into any of our web designs or even into your existing site, certainly to make you get the maximum returns from your investment. It's time to join the e-business front line and add dedicated search engine consulting to your online marketing strategy. Research suggests that people who use search engines to locate a product or service are often ready to buy. Your site needs to have a high relevancy for the right keywords in the most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Search engines not only change their content every day, but also the ways in which they index the information on every website. The most prominent websites today may suddenly disappear from the search engines tomorrow. Bountylab knows how to work with and use search engines to your advantage.

Bountylab search engine optimisation services are based on a complete knowledge of the latest technology and years of experience.

Specialized Marketing:

  • Includes an evaluation of your site and your current traffic
  • A Web Marketing Plan is developed to suit your needs

Website Optimization & Submission:

  • This is a manual submission to search engines and directories.
  • Over 90% of all search engines and directory traffics come from these sources.
  • Site Optimization - Title & Meta Tag development and other technical Integrations.

Our Services Includes:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Social Media Optimization & Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management
  • E-mail & SMS Marketing
  • One touch mass e-mail solutions
  • Target Audience Marketing
  • Interactive Advertising
  • Web Analytics
  • Content Clinic, Management & Maintenance
  • Revenue Sharing