Developing e-Commerce Websites in Sri Lanka. Find out more here.

In this hi-tech world, websites are not just for providing information anymore. Their role in many organizations is getting widened and they are expected to be more interactive and decisive in convincing the potential customers and attracting the visitors. The latest top-notch development in the scope of websites development is e-Commerce websites which have started to replace the offline transactions by bringing more convenient online shopping experience to the users. Additionally, the e-Commerce system provides the easy comparison of prices and products, facilitates swift transactions and payments, and predominantly saves time for the buyers as well as sellers.

We, Bountylab International as one of the passionate provider of web design in Sri Lanka have developed many e-Commerce websites locally as well as internationally, that have helped our client to establish totally a new distribution channel which is less costly and effective to reach a major portion of target audiences and boost their sales. This modern online market place does not only replaces the conventional shopping behaviour in a grocery or in a super market or in a retail merchandise, but also provides easy access to additional potential target market that is not limited to any geographical area. Hence, establishing an e-Commerce website for your business would help you to immediately respond and provide 24 / 7 accessibility for the users all around the globe. Moreover, our state-of-the-art e-Commerce websites enable our clients to manage their supply chains and inventories remotely by establishing integrated e-Commerce systems with the respective suppliers.

Bountylab known as one of the pioneers e-Commerce website developers in Sri Lanka. Our top-to-bottom e-Commerce web development process includes;

  • Groundwork and a market research to understand the client and the nature of the products that to be transacted through the proposed e-Commerce website. This ground work also includes a thorough analysis of the competitors from the similar location as well as from the international arena.
  • Strategic planning to establish, launch, manage and monitor the entire e-Commerce system and the website.
  • Developing the blueprint of the site navigation and the order processing structure.
  • Customising the web layout and the development process as per the nature of the product and the clients’ preferences, keeping the client’s uniqueness and competitiveness as the foremost factors to consider.
  • Including the most vital and sophisticated shopping cart and the key shopping cart features such as product description, product price, product images, product size details, delivery method, postage and delivery cost which enable easy calculation of the total payment including tax, updating the shopping cart with all the current purchases and the purchase history, and performing any other user and merchant requirements.
  • Additionally incorporating many cutting-edge features such as Retailer Locator maps etc.
  • Incorporating safest payment interfaces like Bank Payment Gateways, PayPal, Wordplay etc., advanced payment gateways, merchant integration and features for easy credit card processing through a secure internet connection (SSL).
  • Bespoke software development as per any on-spot requirements.
  • Database configuration development & Optimisation.
  • Including other features such as data restructuring, data warehousing, customer database integration and many more.

We are excited in uplifting the country’s retail market configuration to a new level and highly prospective about the role that internet can play in Sri Lankan market. Developing e-Commerce websites in Sri Lanka and enabling the e-Commerce to unleash its whole potential would definitely help businesses and the country as a whole to minimise costs and optimise the utilisation of resources.