Web Design Courses in Sri Lanka. We have stepped into a new pattern of sharing our knowledge with youngsters of Sri Lanka.

Bountylab International, as one of the leading and web designing and web development company in Colombo, Sri Lanka, we have stepped into a new pattern of sharing our knowledge with youngsters of Sri Lanka. We as an established venture in Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, Australia, Saudi Arabia and Maldives with clients all over the world, expect to share our knowledge with the focus for practical approach that allow the students to ensure that they are trained with the adequate caliber for them to get a perfect job in Sri Lanka and all over the world.

Web designing and the profession as Web Designer, is becoming one of the sought after profession due to the increase in the businesses and the expansion of internet as the prime channel of success for almost every business.

The course is designed as a project based course that will be facilitated by the Web Development and Web Designing experts at Boutylab International who count many years of experience in the field. At the end of the course the students will be able to handle a web designing project from the scratch by their own.

The course content covers areas such as designing websites by using different techniques which are latest and widely used in the industry. The techniques include HTML, XHTML, CSS,  Adobe Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, PHP and MySQL. In addition to these areas our course also focus in SEO, Social Media addition and other Internet Marketing aspects that help the Designers to be more productive through their web designing. Moreover we train our students in creating the most suitable design template as per client requirements, web hosting, graphic designing, Java script configuration, and multimedia application.

Personal attentions, practical based training, 100% resource based coaching, opportunities to work in our live projects, space to develop your creative skills, and many more exciting aspects are the unique features of our Web Designing course.

The courses will be conducted in Colombo and in English medium. At the final examination the students’ practical knowledge of creating a web design from the scratch and finalizing as per the requirements will be tested. During the assessment students will be expected to utilize the techniques which were trained to them during the course. No any prior experience or knowledge is required except for a devoted interested to learn and utilize the Web Designing skills.

If you are interested in gaining the best practical knowledge in web designing and development, enroll to Bountylab International’s Web Designing practical course. More than everything, the best students are also expected to receive the golden opportunity to join Bountylab’s growing international work force.

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