Unique Opportunity for Sri Lankan Entrepreneurs at Bountylab

Bountylab Entrepreneur Concept

A common aspect about the Sri Lankan Entrepreneurs is that majority of them are energetic, full of ideas and dedicated. However only few of them are achieving greater heights and rest of them are unable to create a momentum though they are capable. There are few reasons which are restricting these entrepreneurs from showing their full potential. Identifying these aspects Bountylab International has launched a concept that is a unique and inspiring urge for Sri Lankan entrepreneurs to unleash their potentials and create stories of success.

Who can be benefited through this Concept?

Sri Lankan Entrepreneurs! If you are an entrepreneur with aspirations to dominate the Sri Lankan as well as the international business arena, then we at Bountylab International is willing to help you to become the talk of the town.

What should be Your Contribution?

Show how much you have committed in starting up your own business or lifting up your business to the next level. Submit the following documents; we support you to achieve your dream;

-         Business Plan

-         Market Research

-         Equity Report
(If you have one)

-         Projected Growth Rate, Indications and Trends

-         Presentation Statements

Also be ready to present your ideas or business concept on the interview day. If you make us to feel that you are really committed to bring your business to the light definitely we will help you out to become a successful entrepreneur.

How we can help you

As pioneers in e-Business Solutions, e-Commerce, Web, Mobile and Software Development, Marketing, Business Consultancy and many more we will be providing a comprehensive support services that will definitely nurture your business concept and lead you to the way of success. These are the main areas that we are focusing to offer the entrepreneurs who are striving to succeed in the industry.

-         Valuable insight into business planning

-         Mentoring on creating a successful business plan to gain funding

-         Networking with successful entrepreneurs and leaders

-         Mentoring by successful and experienced professionals

-         Comprehensive feedback on their business models

-         Business registration & related support

-         Technology & Marketing Support

-         Shared business premises, meeting place & virtual business address support

-         Broad media exposure and PR support

[Branding / Stationery / Print / Web Design / Mobile Apps / Social Media Marketing / E-mail Marketing / Copy Writing / Corporate Videos]

So why are you waiting, if you feel that you have a convincing business concept and if you are committed to it. Interested? Please, contact us on: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it