Rich Media Content Development in Colombo, Sri Lanka by Bountylab International. The leading Rich Media Content Development Company in Sri Lanka.







Rich Media Content Development

The power of rich media has wiped off the traditional web and text-to-text linking systems only for medium to guide users. Now the web is all about Interact and demand on media delivery systems etc. Bountylab’s rich media can fully utilize what electronic media has to offer by communicating messages in a whole new mode. The aesthetic clean & clever, the connection direct, and the substance real. It makes use of images, illustration, animation, audio and video; creating greater interactivity, context sensitivity and database connectivity. The end result is an online execution that engages and excites the target audience.

Bountylab’s well known and reputed creative solution team can develop the following contents for any Industries at any size.

  • 2D Animations
  • 3D Rendering & Animation
  • Video Production
  • Print Media
  • Sound & Audio Production

Bountylab also, exercise in optimizing rich media content within the technical parameters of each development and deployment. For example, if a significant portion of a website's target audience uses modem connections, we can optimize the site itself as well as any graphics and streaming audio that might be needed for modem connection speeds. You can also use these contents for Online Video Promotions, E-mail Marketing campaigns, Radio Advertisements, TV commercials, and other digital Medias depending on the target audiences. Please refer our portfolio for past projects and designs that were developed by team Bountylab.