Offshore / Outsourcing Development

Based in Colombo, Sri Lanka, we operate an offshore delivery model that utilizes the very best of Sri Lankan talent and expertise. We combine this with a management approach that recognizes everything we do and is customer driven. It underpins the way we work and the way we view business relationships. We call it collaborative business outsourcing.

Outsourcing remains a potent buzzword. It offers the promise of lower costs, better margins, technology innovation and the ability to acquire or exchange specialist skills. The outsourcing phenomenon has, in the main, delivered on all of these promises and more besides.

Outsourcing, in whatever form it may take, is fundamentally an exchange of trust between two parties. Granted, the onus for delivering a specific business function passes from one company to another, but you are trusting that the company can and will deliver. Trust is the quality, when it comes down, it can only be really earned.

Bountylab recognizes this and realizes that trust and indeed other values are an essential part of any outsourcing partnership. This is why we prefer to use the phrase collaborative outsourcing. For Bountylab, the concept of partnership lies at the heart of any successful collaborative outsourcing project. It is the strength of the business relationship that we value above all else. By forging a partnership in which we aim to become an extension of your company. A partnership grounded in commitment, dedication and loyalty. A partnership that is truly collaborative.